How to stop spam registrations on your DNN sites

After installing a new version of DNN and starting to resurrect my Learn MS NET site from the ashes.  I was hoping with all the new changes to DNN since my last version of the site which if I remember correctly was based on DNN 6.0 and an older version of the DNN Blog, that I wouldn’t have the issue of users being automatically created.  I took the liberty of adjusting the user registrations settings to require at least the DNN Captcha to be used to hopefully slow them down.

Didn’t help in the last few days there have been close to 100 new users created.  So I have decided to implement a little stronger solution then what comes out of the box.  My main reason for this is that when I had the older version of the site it at one time had about 200,000 users auto created.  Really a drag on a blog when they aren’t being used.  Also I had put up a WordPress site for a few months to see if that would interest my blogging experience.  I liked it but was not interested in the learning curve to work with it.

At this time there are two solutions available to fix the issue:

1. The first solution is found in the wiki at DNN software This solution involves creating a custom registration form and blocking access to the default register page.

2. The second solution form Interactive Webs, involves replacing the default captcha with Recaptcha from Google.

Both solutions have their merits, I think the first one will be more effective in the long run as it completely customizes the registration and prevents a bot from knowing what the url is to automatically register at the DNN site in question.  The second although good depends on the functionality of the Recaptcha control not failing.

Hope this helps anyone having issues with this like I have in the past.

DNN 7.5 becomes DNN 8.0

On April 3rd, 2015 DNN 8.00.00 CTP 1 (Build 885) was released for testing by developers an implement

On April 3rd, 2015 DNN 8.00.00 CTP 1 (Build 885) was released for testing by developers an implementers to get a sense of what will be coming down the pipe.  I was really interested in this as it will provide support for MVC modules out of the box.  I have taken a look at the test MVC module that was included with the new CTP and will be providing an overview of what I have noticed so far with it in a later post.

Joe Brinkman of DNN Software has written a great blog post about upcoming features here - Solving the Hard Things

DNN 8.0.0 CTP 1 is focused on delivering MVC Module support. As part of this effort we are updating core platform requirements to support ASP.Net MVC 5 and WebAPI 2.

Key Features

  • MVC Controllers
  • Razor Views
  • Module Action Menus
  • HTML Helpers

Not Included in this CTP

  • URL Helpers (including @HTML.ActionLink)
  • SPA Module Support


  • ASP.Net 4.5+
  • ASP.Net MVC 5.0.1
  • ASP.Net WebAPI 2.0

You can view the current source code in the DNN 8.0 GitHub repository
NOTE: This is a preview release and is not intended for production use.


Download CTP1 Here

Welcome to Learn MS NET

I've taken a long time to get back to building and maintaining this site. I'm going to start develop
I've taken a long time to get back to building and maintaining this site. I'm going to start developing some ideas and posts and hope to continue to add new content on a weekly basis.

I have some ideas about what to write about. There are some interesting topics with the new 8.0 version of DNN being pushed out for public testing. I will start with an article on the new MVC pattern for module development. As well, I would like to do some writing on PowerShell and it's uses on the desktop, development and server side of things.

Lets learn MS NET!!!